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VW Bug or Rolls-Royce


The title question is often asked in one way or another.  When we design audio systems for worship facilities, the first goal for our team is to determine what is the most adequate category level of the system.  We often use a car analogy: “Are you looking for a VW bug? Or a RollsRoyce?” We navigate through some parameters to determine if what the church is looking for is actually what they are asking for 

The audio system design criteria we use include but are not limited to these parameters:  Performance, User-Friendliness, Longevity and Budget.

  • Performance: Probably the most important factor of a system. Will the system improve or degrade the original source? Will the speaker system cover the entire audience space with consistent level and quality? Will the wireless microphone systems operate without interference? AVnew will design systems for the best performance possible within all the parameters described here.
  • User-Friendliness: Strong consideration to the operator of the system has to be given before product selection starts. Who will be operating the system? A paid audio professional? An audio enthusiast? A volunteer with little to no experience? This will have a profound impact on the delivery of the message. A complicated system on the hands of an inexperienced operator can be disastrous. We make sure that the easiest to operate system will be selected and the proper training for operating them will be included.
  • Longevity: System longevity is not only a question of the lifespan of a particular product. We also take into account how long can the manufacturer support this product, how long has the manufacturer been in business, how old is the technology used on the product, among others. We want to ensure that your system won’t be obsolete in short time and it will operate as free of problems as possible.
  • Budget: The most talked about subject in any design meeting, but often not the most important one. The key of budget meetings is identifying the must haves and non-negotiables and then the nice-to-haves. Once a realistic budget is usually the most difficult to understand and achieve, so we normally refer back to the car analogy but this time we add a price tag to them. We will normally say something like: “A VW bug for your facility will cost $XX, and a RollsRoyce will cost $X,XXX, we recommend your budget be a Toyota Camry at $XXX. 

The design process for an Audio System is much like the design of any other technology system for your facility. It is a sensitive formula with many variables that is best resolved with a lot of communication. 

…and let us know how AVnew can help you achieve Audio Perfection for your environment.

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