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How is the pavement?


There are many factors that will influence how well your message is received. In spoken word or worship music, the number one factor is called intelligibility. Its a real fancy word that describes how well your message was heard, or understood. The main factor in decreasing intelligibility is an inappropriate acoustical environment.

Far too often in worship facility projects, the acoustical design and treatment plan is either not included in the original scope, or it is quickly removed from the scope once budget restraints are encountered. But at what cost?  

In order to illustrate the importance of a proper acoustic design I often use a simple comparison to a road in relationship to the car.  A Nascar automobile, to be more specific. Would you put a Nascar on a dirt road? First make sure the pavement is adequate, then run your race. 

The AVnew Team wants your message to be delivered in the clearest way possible. The worship experience cannot be hindered by the environment, it has to be enhanced by it. We use the most efficient and elegant products to accomplish this often ignored and crucial task. 

…if you want to find out what is the best way to improve the acoustical environment of your worship space

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