Portable to Permanent

Grace Church

Longtime friends, Grace Church moved into their new facility after 14 years of being a portable church. They had even given up looking for a permanent location. However, God had other plans for this amazing ministry.


Firstly, how do you go from 14 years of weekly set up and tear down, to your own permanent facility with all the desired amenities without having to share with another ministry, or school? Secondly, what can you do different? Lastly, what other technologies should you consider?


Certainly, it was a very happy day when AVnew got selected to work with longtime friends on their new building. From the beginning, we knew that their transition was going to be an interesting one. Above all, our goal was to take their technology worries out of the equation by providing a complete AVL (Audio, Video and Lighting) package with future proofing in mind, of course. So, we were able to discuss how certain procedures would change and how many more options they would have in their own location. Consequently, we have watched the ministry not only grow in quantity, as a result, but also in quality. Therefore, their production team and product have improved, and it is easily displayed in the participation from the congregation. In short, we are proud to be a part of this ministry’s voyage.

For more, click on over to this article that goes into a little more detail on the technology used in this project, and don’t be afraid of contact us.

…to find out how AVnew can transform space into an amazing environment where technology is not just helping, but improving your message delivery.

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