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Converge is a worldwide church planting organization with their headquarter in Lake Nona, FL. They have been partnering with churches for over 165 years and provides them with the proper resources to launch ministries with maximum impact in their community. When they decided to update their event space, they contacted AVnew for our technology services. They trusted AVnew to provide a system that could handle the various demands of the multiple types of events they host with the best quality possible within their budget. The primary goal was to provide an amazing audience experience unhindered from lackluster performance of the technology.


Since the space is used for internal Converge events as well as a rental event space, the system had to be flexible enough to provide audio-visual resources for events as small as a group meeting, or as large as a full worship conference. The operators would range from full-time AV professionals to volunteers with very little to no technology experience. Just like with every upgrade project, the existing space offered some challenges. Replacing the entire lighting system was particular difficult due to an old dimmer rack that was having problems and could not be reused. The existing audio system was improperly designed and deployed and the presentation system was still using an analog infrastructure with rear-projection SD format screens. 


The AVnew design team started to work right away with Converge during our Discovery Phase. We got to know their needs and the history of how the space was being used so we could properly tailor the system for optimum performance. 

For the audio system we selected L-Acoustics KivaII Line Array systems suspended in a stereo configuration with six 18″ subwoofers on the floor recessed into the stage. Two Allen&Heath DLive console systems are running FOH and Broadcast audio. The wireless microphones selected were Shure Axient Digital for their amazing audio quality and RF performance. All new microphones and accessories were provided to compliment the system.

The lighting system went through a complete overhaul.  Our goal was to be flexible, cost efficient and energy efficient. We also wanted to offer a more immersive system where the entire room could change on command. For that we used RGBW house lights where they can be individually controlled for optimum flexibility. All other fixtures were LED based and the existing dimming system was completely removed and replaced with remote controlled relay panels. The flexibility of the system is shown in the DMX distribution infrastructure that we deployed. A guest console can simply plug in to a dedicated panel in the booth and it would automatically take over all control, including house lights. 

Perhaps the most noticeable change was the presentation system. The existing projection system was removed and a 30 feet wide LED wall was installed suspended on the center of the front wall. An AnalogWay video processor control all the video presets and scaling for the custom resolution of the wall.

Other crucial systems deployed were: GreenGo Digital com system, IT infrastructure for AV systems, Video Over IP distribution for all displays around the facility, House light Control with light switches.

One of the key features of this installation is ability of full control of all systems using the Q-Sys platform. With three touch screens at key locations of the facility, the entire system can be turned on, monitored and changes can be made to audio, lighting and video settings. This feature coupled with AVnew custom remote access computer lets our technicians log in at any time to address any issues remotely, with very little need to send a technician onsite

…to find out how AVnew can transform space into an amazing environment where technology is not just helping, but improving your message delivery.

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