Changing the Vibe

Aloma Church

At Aloma Church, it is frequent for us to find two very different styles of worship happen within minutes of each other. For this reason, technology came to the rescue for Aloma Church when they wanted to make a drastic change in their environment between services.


Aloma Church offers two services with very little break in between. Therefore, the idea of using Environmental Projection (EP) was not only adequate, but necessary. How can we change the entire feel of the sanctuary within seconds without too much disruption on stage and reconfiguring of audio, lighting and video systems?


With that in mind, AVnew performed an extensive EP demonstration using only one projector to cover a large portion of the front wall as a proof of concept. For that reason, the final project consisted of three edge-blended 10,000 lumen laser projectors that completely covered the entire front wall. As a result, the existing three projection screens were masked using ProPresenter and the results are stunning. Within seconds, the technical crew changes the light cues and turns on the EP system and the ambient changes from a more traditional setting with primarily white lights to a modern worship environment with lots of color and fantastic visuals.

…to find out how¬†we can create this atmosphere in your facility.

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